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Alterations Lake Forest

Alterations in Lake Forest

Regardless of how detailed or the type of material used for your garments, our highly experienced and skilled alterationists are equipped to alter, reduce, expand, and handle just about anything you would like to do to remake your favorite fashions.  Below is a sample of the kinds of alterations we do for our clients:

  • Fittings and alterations for all types of women’s and men’s clothing
  • Shortening the length of pants, dresses, skirts, etc.
  • Adjusting hems and/or straps for different types of clothing
  • Restoring beads and sequins on various specialty items

Your clothing can be redesigned to perfectly match your new fashion style and preferences, resulting in a more modern and picture-perfect wardrobe!

If you have clothing you love that you just cannot imagine giving away or donating, but you know they won’t work without alterations, trust us to make sure your fit is just right. Regardless of the material or style, we will handle any adjustments and you’ll look like you have a whole new wardrobe!

Expertise and Precision

If the thought of altering an important piece of clothing such as a wedding dress or formal pants leaves you worried, call Power Dry Cleaners for experienced, highly skilled alteration services in Lake Forest near Mission Viejo. Our knowledgeable tailors will complete your sewing alterations with expertise and precision. When you visit our Lake Forest location, a warm and friendly environment awaits and helps you relax during your tailoring to get your alterations just right.

Coats, pants, dress, suit alterations, dress strap shortening, and jacket sleeves are just some of the wide arrays of tailoring services we provide. We also offer alterations needed for events such as prom night and wedding celebrations. From bridesmaid and wedding dress alterations—to men’s suit and tuxedo alterations— Power Dry Cleaners will complete your complicated wardrobe alterations with precision.

We Are Your Personal Tailor

Our store for clothing repair and alterations in Lake Forest near Mission Viejo guarantees that your clothes will fit the way they should, meeting the specific shape and size for your body. It is about time you give life back to your old clothes, with some smart adjustments that allow us to change your wardrobe for the better and quickly!

Power Dry Cleaner makes all the necessary clothing alterations and repairs on-site at our store and provides a wide array of alterations and tailoring solutions.

From washing, drying, folding, and fluffing—to expertly cleaning specialty fashion items, wedding and evening gowns—and home draperies, patio cushions, and a long list of other dry-cleaning services and alterations, Power Dry Cleaners does it right!

If you would like to schedule a pick-up and delivery appointment or talk to a representative, please call us today at (949) 472-0393 or submit an inquiry for alteration services below. Experience the Power Difference!

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